This is still up in the air, but word is that it will be harder to bring these dogs into the UAE soon.


1. Rottweiler

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Rottweilers were originally used as herding dogs, and have long been portrayed as one of the more dangerous breeds in the media if not properly trained.

2. Huskies

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Being designed for cold climates, huskies and their thick fur coats are not well suited to the hot temperatures of the UAE.

3. Doberman Pinscher

dogs uae

The Doberman Pincscher is known for its guard dog abilities, and has a strong bite due to its long muzzle.

4. Presa Canario

dogs uae

Famed for their desirability in the dog-fighting world, the Presa Canario was originally bred for livestock work. The dog breed is known for being suspicious of strangers when they don’t feel comfortable.

5. Dalmatian

dogs uae

If not given proper training and socialising, the lovable-looking, large Dalmatian breed can be tricky, purely because they have so much energy and can be excitable. They need to be trained and very well exercised or else they can be unpredictable.

6. Pit Bulls

dogs uae

Pit Bulls are restricted in many countries due to their sometimes aggressive nature. They are also renowned for their loyalty, however, and are commonly used as police and guard dogs.

7. Mastiff

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The large Mastiff breed can be protective of their owners, making them hostile towards strangers and other dogs. This has led to many countries imposing bans or restrictions on the Mastiff.

8. German Shepherd

dogs uae

Used as one of the most common policing dogs – the obedient German Shepherd breed can be known to lash out when not given the proper training. It’s also an incredibly strong breed of dog.

9. Alaskan Malamutes

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The thick-furred Alasman Malamute is not suited to the warm climate of the Middle East and can face behavioural problems due to the far-from-ideal living conditions.

10. Chow Chow

dogs uae

The fluffy Chow Chow may look innocent enough, but without rigorous training and socialisation from a young age it can be known to be easily antagonised. It startles easily and is very protective of the people it knows. Chow Chows are often aggressive to dogs of the same gender too.

11. Boxer

dogs uae

While less-known for an aggressive nature, the excitable boxer breed has been known to be hard to handle if not given the proper upbringing.

12. Tosa

dogs uae

This Japanese fighting dog is forbidden and restricted in a number of countries (including New Zealand and Hong Kong) due to their large size and possibly aggressive nature.


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