Hi there! Thanks for coming to Pets-Arabia.com. We knew how many animal lovers there were out there and wanted to make things easier for them. We had a vision of a new, easier way for people to buy and sell pets with the help of the Internet. Thus, Pets-Arabia.com was born.

Pets-Arabia.com is platform designed to make finding your pet simple! Our site is unique in that we directly connect buyers and sellers throughout the Middle East, without the need of a middleman. You can find exactly what you are looking for, without the disappointment and frustration of searching newspaper classified ads week after week to no avail. Wouldn’t you rather see a photograph of the pet you’re interested in? Black and white lines just don’t give you the complete picture.

Pets-Arabia.com is your one-stop source for pet classifieds on the web. Anyone can utilize our easy-to-use site, from a highly renowned breeder to a family selling a litter of kittens. You can browse our numerous classified ads or use our many search features to find exactly what you are looking for. If you are planning on selling a pet, simply register and then create your ad. It will be displayed almost instantly! All classified ads are free! And don’t forget our want ads for those who simply cannot find what they are looking for. So what are you waiting for, go find yourself a pet!



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